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UAE is the land of business and investors. Many business aspirants and entrepreneurs are looking forward to getting a visa to UAE. They would dream to start their dream venture in the Emirate land. Having a visa in UAE has a lot of benefits like assured hassle-free residence, exemptions from the tax, and many other benefits. If you are applying for an investor visa, then you can apply for a 3-year, 5-year, and 10-year visa in the UAE. For the best Visa Services in UAE contact United Business Formations.

Benefits of an Investor Visa

Investing in a local business will make you eligible for an investor visa in the United Arab Emirates. There are a lot of advantages in getting an investor visa in Dubai, UAE. Let us tell you the advantage of an investor visa in UAE,

The investor visa holders will enjoy a tax free environment. There is no tax for foreigners and locals with visas. UAE has more than 70 double tax treaties with different countries. If you are having a visa, then you are not obliged to pay any tax.

The importance of security and stability cannot be overhyped. There are no riots and revolutions in the UAE. The estimated crime rate in Dubai and other countries is almost zero. Anybody can freely walk around the city at midnight. Those who have committed crimes will lose their visa and will be deported to their country.

Foreigners with investor visas have reliable legal protection. Those who have an investor visa will get almost the same opportunities as the UAE citizen. If the rights of a visa holder is violated then they can approach the local court.

UAE’s infrastructure is developing and is becoming a classic offshore heaven for all the investors. An investor can find high quality goods, service transport, communication, and free access to all the benefits.

Steps to Register for a UAE visa

Every visa holder in the UAE will enjoy a number of benefits and advantages. If your business satisfies all the required requirements and essentials, you should not miss the chance to apply for an investor’s visa. The procedure to apply for the visa is,

Submit an application for your visa

A partner visa can be applied if you own a minimum of 25% of your venture. Ensure you have kept all the necessary documentation at the time of submitting your application for verification purposes. When the immigration council approves your request you will receive mail with the consent of your partner visa application.

Complete the change request status

After completing the UAE visa application, you have to complete the change status procedure. For that, you have to wait for the consent of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affair Dubai (GDRFA). Then wind up the change status procedure once you get the consent from GDRFA through an email. The best way to avoid all these troubles is to get help from the finest business consultation like United Business Formations.

Appear for medical examination

As a part of acquiring an investor visa, it is mandatory for you to go through a medical examination. In order to qualify for the medical examination, you must complete the medical typing. Then go to the authorized medical center for a medical examination the authority has organized.

Emirates ID Typing

It is important to have an emirates ID in the UAE to ensure a safe stay. So, after medical typing and health examination, the next step is to do the Emirates ID typing procedures. It is mandatory that all permits, including the Dubai investor visa for Indians, be linked to an Emirates ID card. In some cases, fingerprint authorization is required, depending on the genre and industry standards of the application.

Once you complete all the requirements

You have to get your visa sealed by the appropriate authorities. This can be done by going to the authorized location. When your application is complete, you will receive a message from the Immigration Department via SMS letting you know if your application was approved or rejected. You will also need to provide Zajel with your airway bill number. It is imperative that you complete this step in order to obtain a passport that is original.

How to apply for a UAE visa?

It is easy to complete your UAE visa application easily and swiftly online. While applying each person should submit a different application form. Extended passports are not accepted by UAE immigration for Visa processing. Due to security issues, UAE immigration is now conducting eye screening. 

Required documents

Submitting your visa application

All the required documents should be submitted in JPEG format only. It should not exceed more than 1MB. To know more about submitting applications and other Visa Services in UAE get in touch with United Business Formations. We are here to clear all your doubts regarding a visa service. Want to make your visa processing easier? Feel free to contact the best Visa Services in UAE, United Business Formations. We guide you with quality service and provide you with all the details.

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