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UAE Free Zone Visas: Key Benefits

If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur in UAE from a foreign country, then start your business in the Free Zone area if you are planning to develop it. These areas have highly efficient infrastructure and their service provides a business activity that gives a smooth workflow process. There are a lot of benefits if you start a business in this area. With Free Zone companies you can get 100%  foreign ownership of your company. More than that opening a company in this area will make you eligible for UAE Freezone Visa. This Free Zone area has its own rules and regulations, therefore all the employees working here should follow the specific rules set by the authority. Know more about Free Zone Company Setup in UAE from United Business Formations.

Perks of UAE Freezone Visa

The Free Zone allows all investors and entrepreneurs to operate their businesses in UAE successfully, while also allowing residency and operational freedom. Foreign companies can get the following benefits if they get the Free Zone visas,

A UAE Freezone Visa excepts you from paying import, export, or personal taxes.  For a specific period, the organizations can exempt themselves from paying corporate tax and can renew it later.

The UAE government passed a law that allows entrepreneurs and foreign investors to get 100% ownership of their companies without a local sponsor. So that the foreign investor can get full control of their business.

A UAE Freezone Visa will make you eligible to open a bank account, and transfer funds, and will allow you to engage in any financial services.

If you have a Free Zone visa you can lease office space and other premises based on your needs. Opting for a long-term lease that lasts up to 25 years can be very beneficial.

All the residents will be able to apply for an Emirate ID to access the healthcare services provided to a UAE resident with the help of a UAE Freezone visa. They can also opt for an affordable health insurance policy.

Prime Information About Free Zone Visas

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