Business Name Approval

Company trade names are the official names of their companies. The first step of registering a company is by registering the trade name or business name of the company. Before proceeding with the trade license formalities the first step is to reserve the trade name through Trade Name Registration in UAE. Registering the company’s name will not provide any details about the identity of the business. It is mandatory to register your company’s name with the Department of Economic Development and get their approval. It will not take more than 24 hours to register trade names. The name can be reserved within a day.

Trade Name Registration not Approved by DED

A business name or trade name means you are reserving a name for your company. That name should not be possessed by any other commercial entities. Trade names must be unique, DED will not approve if a duplicate name is approved.

The authorities will not approve the trade name if it is not following certain rules and morals. The DED will not approve misleading trade names. They will ensure that the names of the company are done following the commercial activity.

The business owner has to make sure the trade name doesn’t contain any religious words or names. Trade Name Registration in UAE affiliated with the ruling government is not allowed.

Registering trade names in UAE is a simple process. It is done by filling up the application form with the Economic Department. Along with the application documents and the trade fees, name reservations must be paid. This process can be done both online and offline.

For a company to function in a country like the UAE trade name registration is a must. You can look it up on it the DED’s website. A trade name is valid for six months. If the registered trade name expires the business owner must re-register and settle all the payments.   If you want to know more about Trade Name Registration in UAE, contact United Business Formations for quality advice and help.