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Establishing a Restaurant in Dubai

As you all know, Dubai is one of the world’s fastest-growing tourist and commercial hubs. The economy of Dubai is increasing with beautiful infrastructure and good ambience. There are many great tourist destinations worldwide, but this is one of the best. A wide variety of cuisines are offered here, and people come from all over the world to try them. So, the best is Restaurant Opening in Dubai to attract people who have a love for food. If you are thinking about how to start a restaurant in Dubai. UBF is here to help you out by giving you all the details to start a restaurant in Dubai.

Opening a Restaurant in Dubai 

If you are planning for a Restaurant Opening in Dubai, then there are a few important things you need to take care of before investing in it.


To get the license for opening a restaurant in UAE you have to follow certain food code rules by the Food Control Department of Dubai. This ensures food safety and hygiene. All restaurants, hotels, and bakeries have to follow the food code. 

Trade License

The Trade license is issued by the Department of Tourism and Commerce for all business activities. By registering your business under the legal boundaries stated by DED you can receive a trade license.

Food License

To get the food license you have to sign an agreement with Food Safety Department in Dubai. Getting a food license will charge you approximately AED10,000 TO AED 12,000 in Dubai.

Liquor License

If you are providing liquor and alcohol in your restaurant then you must get a liquor license.   

Location & Ambience

Before setting up a restaurant you must find a location that gives a nice ambience to your restaurant. This is an important factor for your restaurant in Dubai. The two available options in Dubai are the mainland area and the Freezone area are the two options available. Freezone will permit you to have 100 per cent of your shares. In the mainland, 50% of your shares will go to the local sponsor. It is very important to get approval from DED if you wish to start a restaurant on the mainland. If you want to know more about the Business Setup in UAE, get in touch with United Business Formations.

Cost of opening a restaurant

The expense to start a business in Dubai will change depending on the location, employee count, area, government charges, menu creation, maintenance, and other investment. 

Documents required for opening a restaurant

If you are planning to start an open a restaurant then these are the important documents that are required,

If you want to know more about opening a restaurant in Dubai. Count on United Business Formation, Company Formation in UAE. The business consultants at UBF can provide you with proper guidance and will help you with the Restaurant Opening in Dubai. Reach out to us and tell us your requirements we will help you.


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