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What Happens When Your Business License Expires?

Is your business license about to expire? What should you do? Failure to renew will result in harsh penalties and fines. The owner, as well as the business, maybe even subject to criminal penalties for this violation. However, the government has the right to shut down a business or seize its assets if it does not comply with mandates. Want to know more about License for Business in UAE keep reading and contact our experts.

How To Keep Licenses Up-to-Date

The sole responsibility of ensuring your business complies with all permits lies with the business owner. Whenever any information has changed since you obtained the permit, have it updated as soon as possible. The time you dedicate to this step will be well worth it in the long run. You may need to contact more than one state or government agency when it comes to obtaining or renewing a business license. Also, you may need to apply for permits and/or renew them at several locations. There may be times when a business needs to renew its license annually, semiannually, or biannually. Licenses may need to be renewed if they lapse. Additionally, a fine may be incurred if they are not renewed.

State License Requirements

A business license is only required once in some states. Once the license has been granted, it remains active until the owner closes the business. In such instances, there is no need to renew the license, so it cannot expire. Depending on the license requirements, the business owner might have to file regular sales tax reports. If a report is not filed on time, additional penalties, interest, and fees are incurred by the business. In case, any business owner fails to do the payments or hesitates to cooperate the state has the liberty to prosecute them. To know more about License for Business in UAE contact United Business Formations.

Local Business License Requirements

A city or country may ask business owners to apply for permits and register with the state. The process of permitting is a tracking system for zoning requirements, which ensures that the business complies with city ordinances and laws. Count on UBF to know more about the Business Setup in UAE.

Lapsed Professional Licenses

It is important to note that a professional license is not a business license, although certain business types may require it. A business in a trade such as real estate, cosmetology or law can fall under this category. The state manages professional licenses. Professionals must renew their state licenses on an annual basis, pay the renewal fee, and demonstrate that they have completed continuing education requirements. A person with a lapsed professional license may be required to retake the state examination and pay late fees before the license can be renewed. It is illegal to practice without a valid professional license. The state may prosecute you for doing so. So get your Business License in UAE before starting a business. If you need help understanding what happens if your License for Business in UAE expires or dealing with the consequences, you can always reach out to UBF. We are one of the leading business consultants in Dubai with many years of experience in establishing and maintaining business ventures. With the right guidance from our expert team, you will never experience the struggles of license expiration and will have a guaranteed successful business journey without any obstacles.


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