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Eligibility, Process, & Documentation For Golden Visa UAE

In 2019, the government of the UAE made an unprecedented move in the immigration policy by establishing the Golden visa. Like the glamorous name golden visa, the benefits attached to this visa are specifically designed to attract foreign investors of significant worth. The Golden Visa UAE is profitable, as it allows expat residency in the UAE for up to 10 years. The benefits of a golden visa include the ability to work, study, and live in UAE with no national sponsor. It gives you 100% business ownership and a multiple-entry permit. Since the launch of the golden visa about 44,000 residents in Dubai have received this visa. It is natural that you may have several questions regarding the golden visa, United Business Formations, Visa Services in UAE is there to clear your queries.

Eligibility for Golden Visa UAE

There are some pre-defined conditions for the Dubai golden visas set by the government of UAE. the people who are qualified to receive the golden visa are,

Documents Required

During the application process for a Dubai golden visa, investors must prepare certain documents depending on the investment type they are considering.

Investing in Commercial or Trade License

Investors who are planning to invest in commercial or trade licenses are required to submit the following documents to be eligible for the golden visa,

Bank Investment

By investing a certain amount in banks, an investor can get a 10-year UAE golden visa. For bank investment, you need the following documents,

5-Year Golden Visa UAE

Investors or business owners can try to get a 5-year golden visa just by investing in real estate. Real estate investment includes,

Once you have decided to apply for a golden visa then get your documents in order. Business owners with industrial or commercial trade licenses should compile a detailed business report. For more such information about the Golden Visa UAE contact the expert advisors at United Business Formations, Business Consultancy in UAE. Drop your queries on our website to know more about visa processes.


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