Everything About E-Commerce License in Dubai

We can see a huge surge in the demand for obtaining an e-commerce license over the past few years. Many UAE residents are switching from traditional shopping means to online shopping for the wide range of convenience it has to offer. This shift has resulted in many Entrepreneurs and business owners setting up eCommerce businesses in Dubai. In order to do so, all you need is an E-Commerce License in Dubai which will bring in more business to your organisation. Are you planning to start your own E-Commerce site? Get all the details about the business and the procedure to get the license from authorities through us. United Business Formations is always there at your convenience.

Dubai’s E-Commerce License Types

A variety of e-commerce licenses are available in the UAE. E-commerce licences in Dubai mainly fall into three categories. Based on your nationality and business activities, you can choose between these licenses. Get more details from United Business Formations. The following are the three types of Dubai e-commerce licenses:

E-Trader License

To sell products or services online, you will need an e-trader license. Those who reside in Dubai and are UAE or GCC nationals can obtain an e-trader license from the Department of Economic Development. There can only be one owner of an e-trade license. However, with this license, you can’t open a shop or have a physical office.

Portal License

In the case of Portal license, non-UAE nationals can also obtain this e-commerce license in Dubai. Online businesses in Dubai can be started with a portal license where buyers and sellers are linked. You can also use a portal license for a listing or reservation website. When you apply for a business establishment on the mainland, the cost of a portal license is minimal. Depending on your business requirements, an e-commerce license in Dubai can cost more or less.

Virtual Company License

An offshore investor and non-resident of the UAE can set up a virtual company in Dubai with the help of the Dubai Economy. It is restricted to three industries, namely computer programming, designing, and advertising and marketing services. So these are the primary licenses that are required for your Company Formation in UAE. To know more about the E-Comerce License in Dubai contact UBF we have experts to take care of your needs.

How to get an e-commerce license in Dubai

It could be tedious and confusing to set up and operate an online business in Dubai. The first thing you must do after aligning your products or services with the website is to get an e-commerce license in Dubai. To obtain an e-commerce Business License in UAE, you must follow the following steps:

Know more about the rules and regulations to be followed while doing an E-Commerce business. Get your license from the authorities without facing any difficulties through us. United Business Formations, have experts to help you get E-Commerce License in Dubai.


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