Trade License Process

If you are planning to start a business in UAE the first thing you should do is to get a trade license. According to the Department of Economic Development in Dubai (DED), they are the authority that provides Business License in UAE. The DED has sorted out every business under various licenses, providing importance according to its business activity. Having a trade license in Dubai will help you to offer a structure to your business and helps to attain several benefits.

UAE Business License Types

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Commercial License

The commercial license applies to all types of trading, including specialized trading.

Industry License

Industry licenses are granted to establishments involved in industrial and manufacturing activities.

Professional License

This professional license is given to business enterprises that are engaged in some other professional or service-oriented activities like doctors, teachers, artisans, and craftsmen.

Tourism License

Tourism trade licenses are required for businesses and companies working in the travel and tourism industry.

Trading licenses: how to get them

The trade license you apply for will depend on the type of business you are going to start on the mainland. If you are setting up a company in Dubai for carrying out businesses like importing and exporting clothes, accessories, furniture, and electronics then a general trading license would be enough. If you wish to do multiple trading activities that are in the same field then a general trading license would suffice. Certain business activities will not come under the general trade license like cars, alcohol, guns, and medicines. It is required that individuals obtain approval from higher authorities or UAE municipalities to operate such businesses on the mainland. If permission is granted for such businesses then a commercial trade license is granted to the individual. Contact United Business Formations, Business License in UAE to know more about trade licenses.

How to renew a trade license in UAE?

The important requirement to do business in UAE is to get a trade license. To renew the company’s trade license you must follow certain steps,

Want to know the procedures to get the trade license in detail? Then feel free to contact United Business Formations, Business License in UAE.

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